Garbo and Me

Book and lyrics by Joanne Sydney Lessner
Music and lyrics by Joshua Rosenblum

Garbo and Me traces Greta Garbo’s dramatic journey from Swedish schoolgirl to Hollywood legend to New York recluse. Her cool Scandinavian beauty was limned with a smoldering sexuality that enthralled audiences and defied censors. But behind Garbo’s glamorous screen persona was insecure Greta, yearning for the snows of her homeland. As she conquers the studio system, successfully transitions to talking pictures, and juggles a string of lovers, both male and female, Garbo struggles to protect her cherished privacy. After a disastrous foray into comedy, and weary of the constant intrusions of fans and the press, Garbo assumes a new name and slips into anonymity on the streets of Manhattan.

Paramount Theatre, Rutland, VT, August, 2010
York Theatre Company, October, 2009