Einstein’s Dreams

Book and lyrics by Joanne Sydney Lessner
Music and lyrics by Joshua Rosenblum
Based on the novel by Alan Lightman

Trapped in an unhappy marriage and a job far beneath his intellectual capabilities, the young Einstein escapes into his dreams, lured by the siren call of a beautiful, elusive woman named Josette. In every dream, he gradually discovers, time works differently (i.e. backwards, standing still), so that just as in life, there are unpredictable obstacles to his romantic relationships. Gradually, Einstein’s dreams begin to seem more real to him than his life. It is not until he finally dreams a time world where he and Josette can be together, that he simultaneously discovers the nature of time and the meaning of love. When he awakens, he is able to distill everything he learned in his dreams into a new theory of time and space—the Special Theory of Relativity. As a result, the world will never be the same.

Peter Norton Theater at Symphony Space, February 23, 2009
Teatro di Trindade, Lisbon, Portugal, 2005